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Roman Theater

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Similar to the Odean of Herodes in Athens but in a diminished state of repair. The site would have hosted several thousand guests during ancient theatrical displays, but now rests largely unused. The various decorative elements of the theater have mostly been repurposed in other structures in historical Milos or further afield.

If you're stopping by to explore the Catacombs of Milos, you should spend the extra 20-30 minutes it takes to explore the ruins here and enjoy the accessible theater spaces.

Planning your trip

You'll get the most out of your day with a taxi or even by hiring a private guide with transport during your visit to Milos. The Roman Theater and neighboring catacombs aren't so conveniently located, you'll want a plan to get to the beach right after and cool off.

When you should go

This ancient landmark might not be worth the trip unless you've paired your visit with tickets to see the nearby catacombs, which close before 4pm.

What else you might need

You won't need any sort of ticket of admission to explore the small grounds here.

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