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Sarakiniko Beach

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Wind and water have shaped a rock surface which was likely already interesting and made it truly picturesque. This site is popular for both locals and visitors, so don't be surprised if it is a little busy. The unique shape of the beach, a sort of extended inlet, really takes the power out of any wave action arriving by sea. Breezy days still result in calm, cool waters by the time you dip your toes.

Beach lovers rejoice, there is a small and accessible sandy entry but an amazing collection of rocky outcroppings and interesting nodules of earth to explore here.

Planning your trip

If you've arrived via cruise ship, plan your transportation well to return to your ship on time. This is a popular site and may not have convenient on-demand options.

You'll also want to plan for the day by bringing enough food and drink to keep you comfortable, there may or may not be a food truck-like service on the day of your visit. The nearest cafes are not a comfortable walking distance.

When you should go

There is sand to enjoy, but more rock. This can still be comfortable and enjoyable, but if you're set on setting up for the afternoon on the sandy shores of Sarakiniko, make sure you arrive before the lunch hour for the best selection of spots on the limited sand area.

What else you might need

There is no ticket or arranged entry to enjoy a visit to the beach here in Sarakiniko.

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