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Bodleian Library

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The library's original collection passes its first million titles in 1914 and has since grown to more than 12 million books! Although only the second largest such collection in Britain today (it was the largest for some time). The need for more space to house the books alongside growing consolidation among the Oxford University buildings has grown the site to a larger complement of buildings across a central site.

It may seem obvious that literary enthusiasts and people with an interest in Oxford University or the history of England would enjoy a visit to the Bodleian. Film fanatics may also appreciate the landmark today, however, and the architecture is first rate.

Planning your trip

The Duke Humfrey reading room is the oldest among the library buildings. It also pops up on many must-see lists for Harry Potter fans.

When you should go

The library site is a collection of various rooms and buildings, some of which with their own individual hours of operation. Expect longer opening hours Mondays through Fridays when compared to the weekends.

What else you might need

Various tickets for individuals offer 30, 60, and 90-minute tour options. Rates vary from $10-$25, however some events and temporary exhibits may have separate rates & ticketing requirements. Arrange your visit in advance to avoid disappointment.

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