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Christ Church College

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Christ Church College is of particular interest not simply for its rich history, but because today it hosts a real working university and student residence, an active place of worship with its own churchgoing community, and now as an exceedingly popular tourist venue. The site is built around a church and represents the joint interests of church and college.

If you've any interest in Oxford's academic history or its modern approach to a centuries old schooling tradition, you'll certainly enjoy yourself when exploring this working attraction. Film & literary enthusiasts may also enjoy seeking out filming locations or finding the corners which inspired the likes of Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll.

Planning your trip

The upgraded audio-video guides available are pretty good, but you'll get far more from your experience by joining a guided session. The caring staff are exceptionally knowledgeable about the college's lengthy history and can relate certain items or unique cultural cues in more modern terms.

When you should go

The tour lasts about an hour but you can hang around longer if you'd care to really spend time appreciating the finer details of the architecture among countless historic halls & buildings. The college attracts a few thousand visitors during most days of the year, you'll share your visit with fewer fellow visitors if you can plan to arrive early in the day.

What else you might need

There is an entry fee required for accessing the interior buildings and college grounds. Expect about $20 for adults.

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